San Diego Billboard Advertising & Outdoor Ads

Billboards in San Diego, Bus Stop (Transit Shelters), Bus Ads, and San Diego Mobile Billboards

Full size billboards are also called bulletins.  They are 14′ tall x 48 wide and can be seen on freeways, highways and throughout major intersections in San Diego.

Bus Stop Advertising - Bus Shelter

Bus stop advertising, also known as bus shelters, are typically 69 ” tall x 48 ” wide and used for advertising purposes of both branding and directional point of sale purchasing.

Bus Advertising - San Diego

Bus Advertising is also called transit advertising.  These ads can range in size from wrapping around the entire bus (full wrap) to the business card size advertisement in the back of the bus, known as bus tails.

Mobile Billboard - San Diego

Mobile billboard advertising is a double sided, moving billboard.  These ads are typically 10′ high x 22′ wide and are able to reach where static billboards cannot.  Placed wherever you, the client which for them to go.

More Billboard Sizes & Options

Extensions are sometime called embellishments.  These are billboard designs (artwork) which extends above and beyond the printed size of the billboard vinyl.  The sky is the limit with creativity here!

Premier Panel 12' x 24'

Premiere panels are medium sized billboards which are often located in the cities and near major intersections.  Their size is 12′ tall x 24′ wide and can be used for branding and/or directional advertising.

30-sheet advertising, often referred to as posters are medium size billboards are designed for mass quantity exposure where short-term advertising runs make more sense then premiere panels.

8-Sheets are the small size billboards and are often referred to as Junior Posters.  They are typically 5′ tall x 11′ wide and are located throughout the inner cities and other heavily commuter and foot trafficked areas.