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Highway 78 Billboards (Bulletin) in Oceanside

Highway 78
Highway 78 is home to several great freeway billboards in North San Diego.  Imagine having a full size, 14′ tall x 48′ wide billboard capturing close to 100,000 impressions per day.  There are billboard locations off of El Camino Real, College Blvd and Emerald Dr.

These freeway bulletins, as they are often called, can provide great primary coverage for your place of business.  Should you be interested in advertising on any of the freeway billboard locations, please don’t hesitate to call.

Pictured Right : Highway 78 Billboard – East of El Camino Real, Facing West

5 Freeway Billboard (Jumbo Bulletin) in Oceanside

I-5 Freeway
Looking for the most exclusive billboard in all of Oceanside?

There is a one-of-a-kind bulletin located just south of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and faces traffic going northward toward Orange County.  Truly the crème de la crème!

Interstate 5 Freeway is the main connector between Northern and Southern San Diego.  This particular jumbo size billboard is a whopping 18′ tall x 48′ wide and boasts 140,000+ adult impressions per day!

Pictured Right : 5 Freeway Billboard – North of Highway 76, Facing South

Full Wrap – Bus Advertising in Oceanside

Full Wrap
Looking to dominate in outdoor advertising in North San Diego and don’t like sharing ad space?

Full bus wraps are giant, rolling billboards which offer advertisers tremendous creative flexibility. Wrapped Buses are sure to make a lasting impression on all those who walk and drive by, both tourists and locals.

Billboards in San Diego can help you post your ad message over the entire exterior of a bus!

Highway 78 Billboard - East of El Camino Real